About Us

Friends Take Trading CO established in the year 2006 and based in Hong Kong.  We claim that we are just a small electrical retailer and resell the equipment used for entertainment, communication and entertainment at the time. Until 2012, we began to transform our business into an online store to serve Hong Kong oversea customers, mainly selling some Hong Kong made traditional Chinese medicine, featured skin-care products, health care products as well as some electronic consumer products.

The good feelings of customers are all our assets.  We are now one of the leading health and beauty online retailer. Friends Take Trading CO has a professional team that includes personal shoppers (for our customers), sales representatives, merchandisers and After-sales service staff.   They are all devoted to serving customers.  The most concern for us is that our customers always give us encouraging comments and valuable suggestions, this also motivates us to do better and serve our customers better.  Not only on the customer side but also our operations management team will never stop thinking about how to do better and more. 

The more benefits customers can obtain, the higher the value of Friends Take Trading CO .  In order to let our customers enhance their overall shopping experience with us, we have developed our own shopping website. The most important thing by doing these is to enable our customers to obtain more high-quality product choices at a lower price.  We can save more administration fees on other 3rd parties online platforms and can give back to our customers.

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